Safety In Motion

Over the years, Sibed Transport Co. Ltd has registered exponential growth both in its client portfolio and service delivery. The company’s geographic business now covers Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, DRC and South Sudan. Our depots can be found in:

Sibed Transport Co. Ltd has a modern fleet of 400 trucks, all Mercedes Benz Actros and Scania models. Our choice of Scania trucks is due to their high performance, efficiency on operating costs, ability to maximise uptime and to keep our drivers safe, alert and comfortable. To support this effort are our Mercedes Benz truck that offer a top-class product, service quality, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and sustainability.

Our trucks are regularly and professionally serviced to ensure safe and timely deliveries. All trucks are fitted with on-board computer devices for tracking and monitoring, and to ensure that deliveries are done safely, securely and efficiently. On each truck are installed state-of-the-art interior and exterior on-road cameras.