Our Clients

Sibed Transport Co. Ltd has a robust customer portfolio. We offer transportation services to key players in the petroleum industry in East and Central Africa. Our current customer profile includes:

Chevron Uganda Limited

We have transported various petroleum products for Chevron Uganda until 2007 when Total acquired Chevron’s assets in Uganda. Following the transition we moved along as the company’s prime transporter now known as Total Uganda Limited.

Total Uganda Limited

We have been the prime transporter for Total Uganda Limited since 2007. Our operations for this petroleum giant stretch from Mombasa to their depots in Jinja and Kampala as well as direct deliveries to all their inland stations. Our long term relationship with Total Uganda is mutually beneficial. Total has been at the forefront of our company’s growth by facilitating the standardization of our transportation services. To this end, we are set to achieve an Authorized Economic Operator Certificate and are currently pursuing ISO certification. Total continues to send their Paris-based auditors to assess our operations therefore enabling us to professionalize our processes. We continue to transport Jet A1, Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Automotive Gasoline Oil (AGO), Bulk Illuminating Kerosene (BIK) and Bulk Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) while providing further special transportation services to Total Uganda.

VIVO Energy Uganda Limited

Vivo Energy Uganda Limited markets Shell’s high-quality differentiated products within its wide retail network. We are a key partner in the success of Vivo Energy as its key transporter in the region since 2013. Our operations for Vivo Energy stretch from Mombasa to their depots in Mbale and Kampala as well as direct deliveries to their inland stations. For Vivo Energy Uganda, we transport Jet A1, Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Automotive Gasoline Oil (AGO), Bulk Illuminating Kerosene (BIK), Bulk Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Lubricants.

Sitico Petroleum

Sitico Petroleum provides commercial businesses with advanced fuel and lubricants. Our operations for Sitico cover some of the toughest terrains and challenges in the Southern Sudan region of Juba and as far as Wau. In spite of this, we have ensured timely deliveries within the region. In addition, our company has been making heavy fuel oil (HFO) deliveries to Rwanda.  We have unfailingly supplied the much needed automotive gasoline oil to keep the machines there operational.

Dalbit International

Dalbit partners with various stakeholders who have proven transport and logistics capabilities. We are pleased to be in partnership with Dalbit for a long time now. Sibed Transport Co. Ltd continues to make deliveries of Jet A1, AGO and PMS to various locations in Uganda and South Sudan, on behalf of Dalbit International.